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Sustainable Policy

At Hotel El Pueblito, we care about the care and preservation of our environment, so we are committed to working actively strengthening and disseminating good practices and protection of our natural resources.
We invite you to be part of this project and contribute with us in this active campaign with the following recommendations:
• The toilets: they work with biodigesters (ecological systems) and the toilet paper destroys and hinders its function; that's why we recommend depositing it in the basket.
• The showers: even when they are designed to have a nice bath, we recommend saving water, taking care as much as possible of the waste of such vital liquid.
• Sheets and towels: change is made every 3 days, so the towels must be hung to prevent their change before. This helps us to spend less water and generate less pollutants with detergents.
• Turn off the air conditioning, fans and light when you leave the room, this will save energy. Our planet needs our participation.
• For no reason smoke inside the rooms as the smell is impregnated in the crafts and bedding and it is very difficult to remove it. We have many open areas so you can smoke.
• If you smoke on the beach, please keep the butts that are very dangerous for the various species of animals, as they confuse them with food and can cause death. Always deposit them in garbage cans.
• Plastics, cans, containers, packaging and all types of garbage, you must also deposit it in the corresponding garbage cans.
• Avoid as much as possible the consumption of unicel and straws.

Help us keep our beaches clean!

Our policy in the Hotel is supported by 3 main bases are:


   Respecting the gender, ethnic and religious equity, which we reflect in our hiring.

   Not supporting the tourism of sexual and commercial exploitation of children, adolescents and / or adults.

   Do not promote child labor.

   Establishing standards to guarantee the quality of our service.

   Committed to our workers, constantly training them on issues of: service, quality, care and preservation of the environment; as well as conservation of our Mexican culture.

   Promoting the professional growth of our staff without distinction of gender, religion, ethnicity or culture, or political beliefs.

El Pueblito, support and promote various local activities and cultural development, involving and motivating employees in their participation.


  We support respect for the cultures and customs of the various indigenous communities.

  We do not support the sale, trafficking or exhibition of archaeological pieces and objects considered cultural heritage.

  We promote the purchase of handicrafts and typical products in our facilities.

At El Pueblito, we strive to minimize the negative effects that in the day-to-day operation we can cause on our environment, through the implementation of ecologically sustainable practices that guarantee a good service.



  We do not support the sale, extraction and exploitation of flora and fauna in danger of extinction and we do not approve of these practices in any way.

  We do not approve or support the use, purchase, sale or consumption of illicit substances.

  We adopt measures for the sustainable use of water and energy.

  We use biodegradable hygiene products, as they are organic.

    We take actions to reduce the amount of waste generated and promote the reuse, recycling and adequate disposal of the garbage we generate.

  We take actions to reduce the purchase of individual packages and the use of plastic or disposable containers that can not be recycled or reused.


   As far as possible, we guide the search for suppliers to work with those who support and have ecological views as well as respect for our natural resources.

   We take actions to reduce the purchase of individual packages and the use of plastic or disposable containers that can not be recycled or reused.

   Constantly looking for products that are friendly to the environment, organic or easy to decompose.

   We choose suppliers that adhere to a way of working with values of responsibility and transparency. That they fulfill their functions and do so with Ethics.



As every year, from the month of May to September, the Sea Turtle season in the Mexican Caribbean is lived, and in Holbox we are prepared to receive this wonderful marine species and protect its young.
Around the world there are 8 species of marine turtles, of which only 4 of them come to nest in our beautiful beaches of Cancun. These are the CAGUAMA, the BLANCA, the CAREY and the LAUD.


  • Notify the prevention staff if you see a turtle during the night.
  • Observe from a distance of 10 meters.
  • Do not touch the turtle.
  • Do not use flash.
  • No smoking.
  • Do not enter the egg protection pens.
  • Do not handle the offspring without prior authorization from qualified personnel.
  • Keep beaches and the sea clean, using trash cans. Remember that plastic bags, straws, plastic containers and all kinds of garbage floating in the sea are lethal to turtles.